NotesManager 1.0.2 for Windows 10


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NotesManager is a lightweight and very easy to use program that operates as a personal organizer to hold a variety of personal data that is extremely useful for the user. The application features a simple to use, and certainly for each taste, which intends to record and organize the day, week or greater period of his life. Using the application, we can plan an entire week, by typing a name and a note that will notify us at a certain time of the day or week. No problem we can write to it to perform tasks, meetings or birthday friends. NotesManager requires no installation and can be run from any external data. The program can also group the entered data, save files and encrypt them using advanced encryption algorithm DES. It also supports keyboard shortcuts, which to some extent will accelerate the work of the program and offers the ability to auto-save all modified files (files that have been added to the program).